An intimate restaurant that feels,

tastes, and sounds like hip-hop

"We wanted to create an intimate 

space with some rowdiness to it"

    Simon Leo Hansen 

    Owner • Safari 

The restaurant seats XX,

 and the bar seats X

The place, the vibe, the music at

Safari is hip-hop.

Simon, Asmus and Daniel

deliver controlled chaos

The team behind Nørrebro’s Omar opened

 Restaurant Safari in October 2019

"We wanted to prove that YES, you can

have amazing food at at fair price,

without comprimises to the service,

personality and intimacy."

    Simon Leo Hansen 

    Owner • Safari 

Safari isn't locked to a

particular type of cuisine.

The kitchen just has one rule...

"Our only rule is: All three of us

to agree it tastes so good, that we

that we can't stop eating."

    Simon Leo Hansen 

    Owner • Safari 

"Our dishes are No-BS, no fluff. We

love to present our guests with

mashups of things they did not

expect to see together"

    Simon Leo Hansen 

    Owner • Safari 

Don't expect dry formal waiters

and staff at Safari.

The team feels like part

of the night here.

Wine / Drink

Approach to wine


"Words about the dish"


"Words about the dish"