Hi, I'm Sigurd. Co-owner and manager at Jah Izakaya & Sake bar. Besides Jah, I work with wine and also run a small project space for contemporary art (with two good friends) called Cucina.



Den Kinesiske Købmand

Corsa Pizza

Baka d'busk


Baka d’busk
One of my favourite places to hang out. Often in the bar with a few small dishes and lots of wine. Their veggie-kitchen always delivers on balance, flavors and presentation. On top of that they have created one of the best restaurant atmospheres, you will sense it from the moment you enter their place. Tip: try the cheese platter.
April 8
Corsa Pizza
I am almost always in the mood for pizza and Corsa delivers on that front. I eat their margherita for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On top of that they show most pro-cycling races! When the Giro d'Italia starts I will definitely watch some of the stages there with plenty of beautiful crust within range. Tip: check out their wine shelves. Really good wine for amazing prices.
April 7
Den Kinesiske Købmand
Walking into Den Kinesiske Købmand is always a small adventure. Take a ride in all their exciting condiments, noodles, veggies, frozen stuff, dried stuff, colourful stuff etc. Always makes me wanna cook something new and learn about new stuff. Tip: last time I was there I bought Gochujang and I have used it in sooooo many things since.
April 6
Right next to Baka, you will find this little fishmonger. Christoffer runs this little gem with a tight focus on sustainable fishing that follows the seasons. Always ready for a chat on what's good right now and always high quality seafood. Super happy to have Sømunken close to my home.
April 5

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