It all started with a list, made by Sebastian, who works as a chef and sommelier here in Copenhagen.

It was one of those emails that you prepare for friends and family coming to your city, with the good places to drink and eat. Personally recommended by someone who knows the food scene inside and out.

Good emails have a tendency to get shared. Before long, Sebastian was even hearing from locals and friends who were using the list too, asking “when it would be updated?”

That email alone somehow managed to be more useful than all the stars and ratings on the predominant recommendation platforms. To us, crowdsourced ratings, reviews and user photos never truly worked. They’ve always felt a bit outside-in. 

Something like Sebastian’s list feels much more inside-out, and the that’s the idea with Jungle.


In 2021, we started “The Jungle List” on Instagram. 

The city was closed down, so chefs, sommeliers and other industry people had time to chat with us. We’d get their story, just as we would get their top 5 places to visit once the city reopened. 

We repeat that process with the next 5 places, and that’s how Jungle grows.


  1. Industry People Only. Chefs, sommeliers, bakers, baristas and other industry people can add places to the Jungle List.
  2. Follow the network. When new places are added to the list, the people behind it are invited to add their places to the list.


The community of industry people has kept growing. Today, there’s more than 150 local members, who share restaurants, bars, cafés, food trucks, bottle shops and bakeries, while leaving notes on why you should go there.

When places are added we learn about  the people, ideas and craft behind the place. 

We’ve done so with hundreds of places by now, and we keep getting surprised by the insights and curiosity the chefs, sommeliers, bakers etc. apply to their own food scene. Like when a Noma chef, originally from Mexico, highlights “Harry’s Pølser” as firm favourite.


More than 300 places have been added to the Jungle so far. 

We’ll keep telling stories about these places on Instagram, but we’ve also gotten to the point where there are just too many places and stories.

We think it’s high time to put all of it in one app, that’s built to help people discover, bookmark and decide. 

The Jungle App will get its official release in the App Store on May 10th


Jungle is a team of 9 food nerds, designers, storytellers, videographers, developers and community builders, based in Copenhagen.