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Jungle Market connects the best of the independent food scene with thousands of locals in Copenhagen

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Put your products directly in front of the thousands of locals on The Jungle App, Instagram and TikTok.

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Mobile tickets that work with Apple Pay, Credit Cards and Google Pay. Includes an easy ticket checkout app. 

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0 % listing fee. Add your dishes, events and services to the Jungle Market free of charge. Flat 8 % commission on sold tickets.

Drops & Events

Build hype around new dishes with Drops and pre-sell tickets to pop-ups and other events.

We'll handle ticketing, payments and promote it for you.

Combos & Specials

Slow days? Why not speed them up by offering pre-paid combos or specials.

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Sell products and experiences, like workshops, wine tastings or ketchup on Jungle Market.

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