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This is Jungle. We are a startup, a platform, an app  –  and to some degree a media company –  all about the local food scene here in Copenhagen.

Hold on, does the World really need that?” people ask us. 

We mean, with Yelp, Google Reviews, Newspapers, Food Bloggers, Influencers and what not… Don’t we already have enough of that stuff?“. We’d partially agree. 

That stuff, the outside-in stuff, we have enough of.  You know, the kind of where people are proverbially standing outside places, peering in the window while telling us all about their experiences. 

That’s why Jungle is inside-out. The only people who can add places on Jungle are the  Sommeliers, Restaurateurs, Chefs, Baristas and Mixologists who own and operate Copenhagen’s food scene. 

When a new place is added to Jungle, we sit down with the owner. We get the inside story about the place and tell it with video.

After that, we ask them for their favourites. Their restaurants, bistros, food trucks, wine bars and takeouts. Those places get added to the app as well, and the circle continues. That’s Jungle. That’s inside-out

We are a group of designers, developers, videographers, storytellers, entrepreneurs and food nerds who are on a mission to make food scenes more accessible, fun and valuable. 

We are always on the lookout for people to help that mission succeed one way or the other, so don’t ever hesitate to contact us.

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