This is Jungle.

Music has had Playlists for Years. 

We think it’s about time experiences get to have Spotlists

Follow Spotlists with fresh local recommendations by people who match your lifestyle, interests and personality. 

This is Jungle.

It's not where you go.
It's who you go.

Jungle is about People First. Then Places.

If you are going to spend a day in hip Vesterbro, why not find out where a local natives actually drink their coffee, relax in the sun, and go out after sunset?

And why not find out where the the chefs tell their friends to eat these days?

At Jungle, we find and verify local connaisseurs of the different scenes and neighbourhoods that make up a city –  and get them to make Spotlists of recommendations.

Here is a Spotlist.

It's like a Playlist - Just for Places

It has a Theme or Neighbourhood

It's updated by a true connaisseur.

Say hello to Spotlists.

Spotlists are as easy to make, update and follow as a Playlist on your favourite music streaming service

The spots can be anything. Restaurants. Walks. Streets.  Festivals. Airbnbs. Areas  – or a bench in a park to enjoy the sunset with a good glass of wine.

A map that suits your personality and mood.

Once you begin to follow a few Spotlists, you can see the spots on Jungle Map – a handy map of things you’ll actually enjoy.

Build Your Own Spotlists and Share With Friends.

Bookmark the Spots in your Bucket List and share it with friends, family and followers.

Jungle App is due out November.

Sign up now to get app before normal people – and report bugs no one has ever seen before.

Currently, the Jungle Team is out in the streets to find and verify all the cool locals who will make the app your new best friend. 

If you are one of them, head on over to

See you in November. ✌️